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Let's Talk About Love

Jun 7, 2019

Michael Post on his journey of finding peace within coming from a world of darkness that seemed to keep him from living... but in that darkness he found the truth within and now his mission is to share with the world that if he could do it anyone can do it...showing the world you can take any experience and take full responsibility to find one's owns Michael has found life to be our greatest teacher... to take the path of self-love thru Meditation. Taking the enemy as your best friend, building a school for his local community to give back to his community so in helping the youth before they have to go thru all he endured... Michael shares his purpose to reveal how to hijack the system to reprogram and authentically transform your life from operating from the brain to the hear,finding that balance... within the silence...from being his worst enemy to his best friend, he found the true love within and now shares that love with his wife, family and humanity.